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Se Eald Searocræftigan Wordhord

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Ever wonder how to say “user-friendly” or “bandwidth” in Old English? Well, here’s a glossary of Anglo-Saxon computer terms. (via J-Walk Blog)


It was a bright and sunny day…?

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Fans of intentionally bad writing, the 2004 Bulwer-Lytton awards were given out yesterday, when it was neither dark nor stormy (nor night, for that matter). And the winner is a National Spelling Bee contestant from long ago, at that– glad to see a fellow Websterian getting some recognition…

Revenge of the spamonyms

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More ridiculous spamonyms… all I can say is that these guys really need to get a better name generator:

Subject: Massive rocck-sooliidd ereccttions in 60 seconds or less!
From: “Ira Qoarhfi” <>
To: “Sal Qhexlulc” <>

Subject: ljoima OS-Adobe-Macromedia etc All under $15-$99 CDS aldveoe
From: “Job Sgecj” <>
To: “Amelia Ipaqcipr” <>

Subject: ksac Do you have Depression ? navom
From: “Martin Wsnalal” <>
To: “Bel Nkpiffau” <>

Subject: bmoreb Most popular software! Best offer! hsat
From: “Mortimer Eulpw” <>
To: “Lesley Ibloe” <>

"I must say that I normally do not buy software on the internet, but I sure am glad I found OEM SOFTWARE. Not only was the price unbeatable, but the customer service is better. I was very pleased with the results of my orders, and will refer all friends to order from them. Thank you!"
Lew Pguoebe


Would you like fries with that?

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::chuckles:: From the latest Onion:

University Implicated In Checks-For-Degrees Scheme

Sad thing is, this is pretty much the truth, too!


Assault with a deadly reptile?

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One of the most… bizarre… news headlines I’ve seen in a good while: Girlfriend ‘hit with alligator’.

And no, that’s not a typo:

A man in the US state of Florida was arrested after he allegedly used his pet alligator to hit his girlfriend.

David Havenner, 41, faces misdemeanour charges of battery and possession of an alligator, said the authorities.

Girlfriend Nancy Monico claimed he beat her with his fists and then grabbed the alligator and swung it at her as she tried to escape, said officials.

I just… have no words. And besides, anything I could say would be overshadowed by the utter weirdness of the event itself…

(found via Blogdex)


Literally interesting

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An interesting linguistic blog I stumbled across yesterday, which other Aspies might enjoy: Literal Minded.


There are many typos in the castle!

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Typos of Doom Illustrated: some amusing illustrations of typos found in RPG manuals.

Inu wa kawaii!

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Here’s a gallery of puppies and kittens from the Land of the Rising Sun. How cute… (via Presurfer)


Still more brain-dead spam

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Yes, this is actually how I received the messsage; it was sent with a MIME type of text/plain, thus ensuring that I saw the raw source code…

And yes, I know I’m obsessing a lot over spam lately… I just think things like this demonstrate how bad a method of marketing spam really is. Heh.



The eyes have it!

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Some really cool optical illusions. (via

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