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Feeling so pedestrian lately

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I really need to make more friends who can drive. That, or find somewhere up here that offers halfway affordable driving lessons catering to those with neurological quirks… or a taxi service that’s not $10 round-trip (if such a thing even exists)…


A new kind of spam gibberish

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Once again, other than the redacted URL, this is entirely verbatim. I think there were more words that were supposed to be randomly chosen from arrays of synonyms in a lot of places, but somehow those words were never inserted… thus leaving this spam a bunch of complete nonsense.

Subject: Become an investigator
From: “deidre carter” <>
To: “Sherri George” <>


let go I held for .

thank you enough for me in this . You have given me a on life. Already
twice as much as I in my old job.

I a . Taking home in 18 months. in this . and I am a hero to the and
to my . What an to be in.

exactly what your me to do, . I go to the and locate all of the I can



Tales from Graduate School: Drivers Wanted

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OK, so we all know by now that the campus buses here at UGA don’t run at all on the days of home football games, but I figured I’d be able to catch a city bus somewhere near campus, right?

Wrong. Unless I wanted to walk approximately a mile and a quarter to the nearest bus stop that they do pick up at on game days (an illustration via Google Maps).

And they do not mention this fact at all on their web site. After actually getting over my telephonophobia and calling transit headquarters to confirm whether the routes run to south campus on game days (hey, at least I had the foresight not to wait at the bus stop for an hour wondering where the bus was…), I left a message with the Athens Transit webmaster letting him know that, hey, the fact that the routes change on game days is something that needs to actually be mentioned somewhere.

As for that mile-and-a-quarter walk? The temperature right now is 86°, according to AccuWeather, while the heat index is 94°. I was about to collapse just walking the quarter of a mile to the East Campus dining hall… yeah, I know, part of it’s because I’m out of shape, but I could make that walk in the winter without much trouble.


Something’s Babelfishy

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From a University of Southern California press release, this may be one of the most self-referential headlines I’ve seen in a while:

Grammar Lost Translation Machine In Researchers Fix Will

(found via ACM TechNews)

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