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More shameful proofreading

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15 new entries have been added to The Proofreader’s Hall of Shame to mark the end of yet another year. May 2006 see many more typos…


I am such a font geek…

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For a while, I had wondered exactly what font is used on all the signs for buildings at the University of Georgia. I’ll have to post a picture on Flickr when I get back on campus, so you can see an example of the sign typography— it’s definitely distinctive.

Anyway, the font, as it turns out, is Ron Arnholm’s VGC Aquarius, which was designed back in the ’70s and more recently converted to digital form by Red Rooster. And I’ve seen Arnholm’s Legacy Sans used on various UGA promotional materials as well.

But the interesting part is why they used those particular fonts. Well, why not, when the designer is right there in your midst?

Edited 2006/02/05 to add: Here’s an example of one of the signs using the Aquarius font… with an added misspelling, to boot.


And people buy from these sleazebags?

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You know that spammers are starting to get desperate when they spell things in such a manner that you aren’t entirely sure what they’re talking about. “Tigera”? I guess that’s the drug that succeeded Panthera and Jaguara…

And I quote, completely verbatim except for the edited URL:

Subject: Fwd:
From: “Sonia B. Johnson, VI”

Good day sir,

We makes it easy to oer der the mee dica utions you need.

What’s Die abra really like? Ever wonder what it it feels like to take Niu agra? If you have Erei ctile diso function. then go for it.

Best stuff on Tigera only at $ 1.56/ piill, and all others too in same brackets

Try us and you will NOT BE DlSAPOlNTED!

copy the address below and paste in o your web browser:


for 48 hors.



Another day in the ADD life

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I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where my cell phone is. I didn’t see it at all in my room this morning (it could very well be there, but I couldn’t find it), and it’s not in the computer science department’s lost and found (which is the only other place I can think of that it might be).

And to make things worse, I tried calling it with a phone card to see if anyone had picked it up and would answer, and immediately got my voice mail – which means that the phone has either been turned off or otherwise ran out of battery life.

Though I’m hardly one for idle conversation, this is still frustrating me. For one thing, it is sort of important to be able to call my teammates for this group project I’m working on… not to mention that I need a way to keep in touch with my dad while out of the room to arrange a ride back home once the semester’s over.

Edited to add: Turns out that I’m not entirely phoneless after all; I still had my old bare-bones cell phone lying around in my apartment, and as it was from the same provider, I was able to transfer the number over to it for the time being. That definitely makes me feel a bit less stressed out, anyway!

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