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The full text of a spam that I received:

From: “and” <ujarofoje1817@[redacted]>
Subject: Gesamtschule Finnish For White Development

There vehicles of capability Literature enough criteria katydids native

Yep. That’s it. That was the entire message.

Wonder if there’s any sort of hidden meaning I should be searching for? Bah, probably not, it’s probably just someone with their spam software misconfigured…


Irony via spam: or, the anti-scam scam

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Actual text of an e-mail scam that I received today, with no comment on my part whatsoever as the irony here should be blatantly obvious:


This is to bring to your notice that our bank (ECOBANK INTL. PLC) is
delegated by the ECOWAS/UNITED NATIONS in Central Bank to pay victims
of scam $500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars Only).



Yeah, that’s really CAN-SPAM compliant

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So I just received this spam from some sort of extermination service. Well, at least that’s what I think it is judging from the subject line, since none of the images in it are ALT-tagged (click to enlarge):

Screenshot of pest control spam.

But wait, what’s this? There’s a link at the top to “report this message as S P A M”! Let’s see what happens if I click on it, since I’ve already got SpamAssassin installed anyway to take care of these people when they’re finally blacklisted:

Screenshot of a browser window with an AOL logo and text reading "Thank you! Please click the link to the right to return to your AOL Webmail."

That’s funny, I thought I received this on my Zone38 address, not my AOL one. In fact, I’d wager that most of the people getting this spam probably aren’t getting it via AOL.

(And no, in case you were curious, the link on the right doesn’t lead to an AOL phishing page, nor to the actual AOL mail site – it just closes the window.)


Sto-o-o-ock Spa-a-a-am

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Here is the actual text of one of those stock spams that managed to slip past my spam filter. Marvel at the utter ridiculousness that comes from this spammer trying, I can only assume, to avoid spam filters. Note that I’m not trying to actually promote the stock mentioned here; in fact, if anyone actually buys stock based on a message that looks like this, I seriously pity that person.



Any relation to Fhqwhgads?

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I just got a spam wishing me Happy New Year while trying to sell me generic impotence medications… OK, so that part’s typical of spam. But what’s interesting is that the sender claims to be named Ejfsmkuiayzkuukdqxd Ygxyim. No, really, that’s what the From line says: “Ejfsmkuiayzkuukdqxd Ygxyim.”

Seriously… are they even trying to look legitimate anymore?!


More from the spam files

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How can anybody think that an e-mail looking like this one is legitimate? HOW?!

Subject: Fw:
From: “Peter”

Hey whats up,

We 0 ffer low rates.

Fill out one application and let the aLEaNDERS compete.

The following are NO problem and will not stop you from getting the afi na=
ncing you need: *** Can’t show !ncome *** Self-Employed *** aCr edit Probl=
ems *** Recent aBank rup tcy *** Unconventional L()AN

We provide the best customer service in the industry with 24/7 support and=
a comprehensive guide for selling a home yourself.

US D $ 290 ,000 aL0 aANS are avai lable for only $255 / month=


COPY the Addreass below and paste in your WEaB BROaWSER:




And people buy from these sleazebags?

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You know that spammers are starting to get desperate when they spell things in such a manner that you aren’t entirely sure what they’re talking about. “Tigera”? I guess that’s the drug that succeeded Panthera and Jaguara…

And I quote, completely verbatim except for the edited URL:

Subject: Fwd:
From: “Sonia B. Johnson, VI”

Good day sir,

We makes it easy to oer der the mee dica utions you need.

What’s Die abra really like? Ever wonder what it it feels like to take Niu agra? If you have Erei ctile diso function. then go for it.

Best stuff on Tigera only at $ 1.56/ piill, and all others too in same brackets

Try us and you will NOT BE DlSAPOlNTED!

copy the address below and paste in o your web browser:


for 48 hors.



Hardly A. Name

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It’s time for another round of spamonyms! Who doesn’t like finding absurd entertainment in junk e-mail, after all? And, well, I realized I hadn’t made one of these sorts of posts in a while, so there was quite a backlog…

Once again, all of these names were actually found in the ‘From’ field of messages in my spam box. I only wish I were making these up…



Spammers: proving that I *don’t* have the world’s worst sense of time

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This next spam excerpt is from an e-mail I just received in my spam box today… that is, Saturday, October 29. In other words, two days before Halloween, which falls on a Monday. Why is this important, you ask? Well…

A Halloween must have!

Want to have the coolest Jack O’ Lantern on your block? Come see the Amazing Rainbow Pumpkin Light at [url deleted] The Amazing Rainbow Pumpkin Light, lights up your carved pumpkin in 7 superbrite colors. It’s safe, fun and will last for years. Visit [url deleted]

Enter discount code: 1031, and receive $1.00 off each light you purchase.

Orders ship same day! allow 2-3 business days for delivery.

Riiiight. So I’ll end up getting this pumpkin light… oh, what, two days after Halloween? Absolutely impeccable timing, spammers… makes me look completely organized in that regard, which is quite a tough task.

Still more fun with spamonyms

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OK, these spammer names just keep getting weirder and weirder.

Tonight I had a message in my spam box from one “Altair C. Yoknapatawpha.” Selling medications, no less.

Talk about your alternate-universe Faulkner…

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