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These aren’t the joys you’re looking for

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Along the same lines as the previous post, and also found via some Engrish-related Googling… here’s what you get if you buy bootlegged Star Wars DVDs.

Some choice selections from the… rather fractured descriptions on the backs of the cases:

Attack of the Clones: “Improbity trade the federal strike against the nape of the star the empress ten years, day that own thenot of the common run power line peaceful anner the gold grow upped…”

Return of the Jedi: “The ream person is greatly terrified, with the’s war!”

And it’s a bit blurry– I’m especially unsure of the second word– but I believe the description of The Empire Strikes Back starts off: “mark rice the is improbity influence for line road fram for the sake of resisting the black warrior of day follow the elder generation”.

I also love the fact that Return of the Jedi stars “Carie Fishersir” and “Alecgu Imess”. And is rated both R and PG. Those silly bootleggers.

And this is completely ignoring the subtitles from Episode IV

There’s Nothing Can Be Descirbe My Hateness

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Yes, everyone’s probably familiar with the captions from that one bootleg of The Two Towers.

But a Google search led me to discover that there’s another bootleg of the movie with even worse subtitles, which appear to have been translated from English to Chinese and back. Needless to say, this version makes even less sense than the more well-known one, which consisted mostly of an ESL student’s mishearings; take, for instance, the subtitle quoted in the subject line of this post…

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