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Very informative spam…

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Once again, this is verbatim. And I don’t even have to obscure any URLs or phone numbers this time!

Subject: Banks ARE Competing over you. JIRK
From: “Rejean Annette”


Your mtg process is approved, for rates starting at the lowest fixed rate

…and yes, that was the entirety of the message body. O_o

And who does Rejean Annette think she is, anyway, calling me a JIRK like that? Heh.


Yeah, I’m really anxious for a “deoeegreee”…

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From the spam files… let it be said, to quote the great Dave Barry, that I am not making this up. I’ve deleted part of the phone number to avoid promoting this, uh, establishment, but everything else is verbatim:

Subject: adgditional deoeegreee helps earn more
From: “Valarie” <>



But does 31207 play a part?

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Via Reviews for A Million Random Digits With 100,000 Normal Deviates

Ah, how I love geeky humor.

And oh, yeah… I was going to quote a few random numbers in the subject line, but as someone on Fark’s comment thread pointed out, they’re copyrighted. See the “search inside” feature for proof.


I am such a font geek

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Cooper Tires‘ typographically self-referential logo is rather well-known amongst the typographic community, but it’s hardly the only logo of its ilk.

In fact, I noticed something very similar today while watching someone drink a Slim-Fast shake.

You see, Slim-Fast has a line of diet foods for sale with the brand name of Optima. I’ll give you one guess as to what font the logo is based on.

(For those who don’t get it: check out the font samples for Cooper and Optima.)

I have to wonder whether this is the result of creative typographical wordplay or just laziness. 😀


Eyeglasses and depth perception

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Well, I got my new eyeglasses today, with the prescription from my eye exam a couple weeks ago…

…and wow, they must’ve done something with the prescription, because everything suddenly looks three-dimensional. As I may or may not have commented before, it used to be that everything looked relatively flat– some depth, but not a great amount– but now things actually stand out noticeably from the background!

Even weirder… I was just taking my glasses off and putting them back on for comparison, and it’s unreal. Take them off, everything’s flat; put them on, things stand out from the background. Repeat ad infinitum.

Go figure, eh? I wonder what they did to the prescription…


Stupid spammers strike again…

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I realize I haven’t blogged a lot of spam recently, so here, to make up for it, is perhaps the most inept attempt at spamming I’ve ever seen. Yes, this was an actual message spotted in my e-mail…


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