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Long-haired freaky people need not apply

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Via this post about grocers’ signs in LiveJournal’s Mock The Stupid community, here’s a link to Peter “Pizzabagel” Szabaga’s collection of misspelled signs. Glad to see that I’m not the only one who obsesses over such things!

Your daily dose of absurdist spam…

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I’m quoting this exactly as I received it. It’s… so messed up.

First off, the headers:

Subject: Valium and Xanax, etc shipped to you fr3e Cody minivan 153 haunches
From: "Riley Crain" <>
X-Mailer: apportion laborious kensington
Organization: cleavage 503 gonads

Given the name of his organization, I have to wonder whether he’s hawking Viagra and its ilk as well…

The plain-text portion of the message:

Any food stamp can steal pencils from earring for chess board, but it takes a real cough syrup to tomato behind somnambulist.Jewell and I took minivan about freight train (with power drill beyond, ribbon related to CEO.A few stalactites, and ball bearing about lunatic) to arrive at a state of waif

And the text of the HTML portion:

behind omphalos, umbrella beyond ball bearing, and tripod beyond are what made America great!Jewell, the friend of Jewell and panics with about plaintiff.Now and then, chess board toward give lectures on morality to spider near.clodhoppers remain geosynchronous.Indeed, defined by bonbon caricature bullfrog beyond.And take a peek at the dark side of her mirror.
shopworn purpose collegian dunbar maier lob

Indeed, hydrogen atom over somnambulist boogie over steam engine.Most widows believe that somnambulist near sanitize girl from.
serviette hepburn perhaps advice guarantee wrongdoing lark denouement

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