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HTTP 1.1: no ifs, ands, or butts

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I love when typos go unnoticed. Well, in this case, it actually did get noticed and listed in an errata page, but by then it was too late…

Anyway, from section 4 of RFC 2616, the official documentation for version 1.1 of the HTTP protocol:

If the message uses the media type “multipart/byteranges”, and the ransfer-length is not otherwise specified, then this self- elimiting media type defines the transfer-length. This media type UST NOT be used unless the sender knows that the recipient can arse it; the presence in a request of a Range header with ultiple byte- range specifiers from a 1.1 client implies that the lient can parse multipart/byteranges responses.

Seems like a few characters got dropped in transmission somehow! I particularly like the part about whether “the recipient can arse it.”

Ah, the interesting things one finds while working on projects for networking class…


And yet I’m still managing to lose weight…

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I just discovered a Japanese candy at the local anime store that I’m probably going to be consuming far too much of during my time here: Coffee Beat. It’s like a mocha-flavored version of M&Ms— and if you know me, you know how much I love mocha…

Ah, Japan, you tempt us with far too many addictive things. 🙂



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Wow. If only Dance Dance Revolution had been invented sooner… well, I might have actually enjoyed gym class! In the latest demonstration of this trend, Konami has teamed up with the West Virginia board of education to feature DDR as part of the state’s PE classes.

So much more enjoyable than being hit in the eye by a wayward volleyball (yes, yet another of the many reasons I can associate with Osaka from Azumanga Daioh…). Or trying to run a mile when in the midst of an asthma attack. And don’t even get me started on pull-ups… I could never accomplish those. :-p

(via BoingBoing)


Google Earth has one weakness…

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…places with extremely low-resolution photos.

[Google Earth's weakness]

Yep, that big blur there is none other than the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium.

Interestingly, Mercer University has quite a bit clearer resolution… go figure. (And the schools in Atlanta are a whole lot clearer, but that’s pretty much a given…)


Maybe I can survive without a car yet…

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I actually managed to walk a mile from downtown back to my apartment (stopping for dinner along the way). Not as pleasant as a bus ride, necessarily, particularly with those hills along the way… but at least I know it can indeed be done without a whole lot of difficulty. Makes me feel a little better, anyway— I’m glad that campus and downtown, at least, are quite pedestrian-friendly. Now if only the rest of town were the same way…

(Now if only they’d fix a few of the pedestrian crossing lights on campus so they actually show a ‘walk’ signal… most of them work, but one or two intersections seem to have a bit of an issue. Even calling Public Works didn’t seem to help, despite the fact that I gave the specific location of one of the broken ones. I mean, yeah, I know, just wait till it’s a green light without any arrows…but still, it’d be just a slight bit safer if they’d actually make them work like they should!)


Ah, geek humor…

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Oh my. Bill Amend of “FoxTrot” fame really is a nerd.

Yesterday’s comic had Jason eating a bowl of Alpha-Bytes— like Alpha-Bits, but in binary, naturally.

But what’s even funnier is that the cereal actually spells something. Those are the ASCII codes for “YOUNERD”.

I guess I am a nerd, since I went through the trouble of actually checking the ASCII values… though admittedly, Perl’s pack function did make it a bit less painful… :-p

Edited to add: Of course, this is old news to those of you who regularly read Digg, which I had forgotten to check for several days. Great minds think alike, I guess…


Google Earth for Mac: it’s official

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Ooh. As if all the news of Intel-based iMacs and MacBooks weren’t enough Apple-related news for today, Google has officially released the Mac version of Google Earth. For what it’s worth, Finder claims it’s only a PowerPC binary, not a universal one; no word yet on whether it’s emulated properly under Rosetta on the new machines…

Edited to add: ‘chloralone’ confirms, in the comments to the corresponding thread on my LJ, that it does indeed run “very fast” under Rosetta. Nice.

I hate my inability to drive…

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I’m essentially chained to my apartment for 5/6 of this upcoming holiday (Martin Luther King Day) weekend.

Only the very limited weekend city buses are running on Saturday— once an hour, with the last bus arriving at my apartment at about 6:30.

And no buses whatsoever are running on Sunday or Monday. No campus buses; no city buses; nothing.

This, of course, wouldn’t be so bad if there were anything in reasonable walking distance of my apartment. There are the restaurants and stores of Five Points about a mile away… on a road with no sidewalks. I guess I could try braving walking on the shoulder of the road… And the north side of campus is about 2 miles away.

I really need to learn to ride a bike. Or something.


Any relation to Fhqwhgads?

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 1:35 am

I just got a spam wishing me Happy New Year while trying to sell me generic impotence medications… OK, so that part’s typical of spam. But what’s interesting is that the sender claims to be named Ejfsmkuiayzkuukdqxd Ygxyim. No, really, that’s what the From line says: “Ejfsmkuiayzkuukdqxd Ygxyim.”

Seriously… are they even trying to look legitimate anymore?!


Back for another semester…

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Well, I’m back at UGA for spring semester. My first class is Natural Language Processing, tomorrow at 2:30.

This semester should be far less stressful for a number of reasons— I have more of a clue how to get around town; I know where the bus routes run, at least for the ones I need to use; I know where all the buildings I need to find are located…

Maybe this semester I’ll have better luck making friends up here. There’ve got to be more geeky types… I just need to know where to find them! ^_^

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