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Frasier does the NSB

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OK, I have to see this episode of Frasier when it comes on next week. I’ve heard from some reliable Websterian sources that it’s a good one– and it couldn’t re-air at a more appropriate time.

(Yes, I know. I don’t watch much TV. What’s wrong with that? ;-))

[Note: TVGuide now states that Frasier will not air at all this Thursday. I don’t get it. The episode that was originally scheduled to air was the one involving the Spelling Bee, naturally…]


NSB Congrats

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Congratulations are due to all 250 people who participated in the National Spelling Bee over the past couple of days. And extra-special congratulations go to Pratyush Buddiga, the winner of that prestigious event. May you, and all the other spellers, lead lives full of prospicience!

OK, seriously… you all ruled. And I’m anxious to see whether JJ Goldstein (how’s it feel to have tied for third?) or Catherine Miller (that distant relative of Webster himself), among others, make it back next year…

Go ahead and throw some at me as well

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Amusing, music-geek-oriented scientific parody (thanks to Kat for the link): Experimental demonstration of the tomatotopic organization in the Soprano. Be sure to read the bibliography; some great intellectual and/or multilingual puns in there…


Classic Spelling Bees?

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I really wish my cable system offered ESPN Classic as a free channel right now. They’re running the National Spelling Bees from 1996 through 1999 in chronological order today.

So why is this such a big deal to me? Well, for those who don’t know, I participated in the 1997 National Spelling Bee– as contestant number 38, naturally. (Yes, that’s where the 38 in Zone38 came from…)

In Jeopardy once again

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Woohoo. I just got the call that my name was drawn for the Jeopardy! college tournament tryouts in Houston. Yay. I can’t wait– maybe I’ll make it onto the show this year… ::crosses fingers::


Dowload Nescape and Mario Word

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I think I’ve already mentioned the unfortunate Brazilian Google user I found in my server logs who, looking for a ROM image of his favorite SNES game, did a search for “dowload de mario word” and ended up instead at the Proofreader’s Hall of Shame.

But looking through my site’s access logs tonight, I found an even more amusing hit: Some Spanish Googler stumbled across the Hall of Shame by searching for “dowload nescape”!


enoB eht ot daB

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OK, I’ll admit it. I was bored, and was playing around with a sound file editor listening to snippets of songs backwards. And then I stumbled across this bit from George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone”. (The sound file consists of the verse played forwards and then backwards.)

Is it just me, or does the reversed clip sound like an admission that he’s actually rather timid? 🙂

(And yes, other than the fact that it’s played backwards, this is completely unaltered from the original track. Spooky.)


Yet another link of linguistic pedantry

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Ah, linguistic pedantry. I’m not the only one guilty of it; check out the interesting and amusing grammatical rants at

Aw, while you’re at it, just check out BarelyBad as a whole. Quite an enjoyable site.


Netscape 7 PR1

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Finally, Netscape has released a version of their browser based on the Mozilla 1.0 beta source: Netscape 7 PR1.

And in related news, the 3rd beta of Mozilla 1.0 was released yesterday.


More publicity! Yay!

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Hm. I was just browsing through my server logs again (hey, I lead a rather boring life!), and it seems that my font page has been referenced in forum threads at and Zophar’s Domain. Woohoo.

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