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A major self-esteem boost: programming?!

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 11:05 pm

My self-esteem had been going down a bit with all the stress from class assignments, but I’ve just had it restored.

I just ported a genetic algorithm from JGAP to GAlib in approximately five hours, having barely even looked at the GAlib code before this afternoon.

(For the curious, this was not merely as a personal challenge, though it sort of ended up being one in the end; it was because the program, a grueling gamut of 1023 different values for a variable in the objective function, run 10 times each, under 1440 different combinations of GA parameters— yes, that’s 14,731,200 executions of the algorithm— was going much slower than I had anticipated.)

Edited 2006/02/24: Why the heck did I type ‘’ for the link to that package? I knew the site was hosted at SourceForge. Thanks to Silon for pointing out that mistake…

Edited further to add: Just for completeness’ sake, I figured out why I typed the link wrong originally. The package in which JGAP’s classes are contained is named org.jgap, which would imply that the developers owned the domain, according to Java package naming conventions. Except that they don’t. Now I’m wondering why they chose that package name…

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