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You can quote me on that

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Pointless but fun link of the day: ProfQuotes— amusing quotations uttered by professors and teachers throughout the world. Yes, I’ve submitted a couple so far; you should be able to identify which are mine pretty easily.


Sad news from the Spelling Bee world

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Sad news for all of us who have either participated in or followed the National Spelling Bee: long-time National Spelling Bee pronouncer Dr. Alex Cameron died of natural causes earlier this week.

May you rest in peace, Dr. Cameron.


Weird News Items

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Two amusing news stories via the always enjoyable

Homeless man gets shocking tax bill – Nearly six million dollars. That’s insane. The best part, I think, is the fact that the IRS found a staggering $18 error in their calculations…

What’s in a name? – Quite a bit, if you share your name with a famous celebrity.


The sound and the fury

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Grah. I’ve already ranted about audio being used in web ads… and apparently, the situation is only going to become even worse.

Thanks for interrupting our MP3s, advertisers!


Mmm, fonty!

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Yay! At long last, Bitstream’s Vera fonts have been released in a beta version; pick them up at the Gnome web site.

Chain letters gone mad

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How fast and how far does information travel? That was one teenager’s science fair experiment— and even I’ll admit that it’s a noble and clever idea. Unfortunately, in such situations, information travels far faster than many ISPs’ e-mail quotas allow


Everybody! Everybody!

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How have I, a college student in Georgia, gone so long without realizing that the Brothers Chaps, of Homestar Runner fame, are from Atlanta? (And how come I discovered this via the website of a college in California, for that matter?)

Oh, and the latest Strong Bad e-mail is just classic. They just keep getting better and better, I tell you…


The dangers of bad spelling

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Yet more news from the “it pays to be able to spell” department: Alert clerk foils check-cashing scam. To quote:

HICKORY – Two men who couldn’t spell were foiled by a clerk who could.

Police say two men tried to pass a counterfeit payroll check bearing the name, Boryhill Furmiture on Monday afternoon at Lowes Foods off U.S. 321.


Banner ads + sound = BAD

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Random thought of the wee morning hours: There are several banner ads out there lately which, through technologies such as Flash and Shockwave, annoy viewers with not only animation but also an automatically activated sound clip.

Such banners, I think, are wrong on so many levels. If you’re at work and just happen to have your speakers turned on… if you’re listening to MP3s and are suddenly interrupted by random sounds of race cars, bicycles, and babies crying… if you’re on a computer without an easily accessible volume control late at night… OK, I think you get the idea.


Oh, that’s a disk drive?

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Stupid Computer Tricks: photographic evidence that some people just don’t quite understand how computers work. (via NTK)

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