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And I procrastinated to work on this?

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And I’ve finished the anagrammed MARTA map. Enjoy… I think some of these anagrams are really funny. Click on the thumbnail below to view full-size.

[Anagrammed MARTA Map: Thumbnail]

(I can only hope that MARTA is more lenient about fair use rights than the London Underground, who forced someone to pull a similar parody down…)

(Here’s the real version of MARTA’s map, for reference’s and comparison’s sake.)

In the interest of accessibility, a full list of anagrammed station names follows, each listed with its real-world equivalent.


Fun with anagrammed mass transit

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OK, that’s it. Now that there are anagrammed versions of the London Tube and Toronto Transit maps out there, I’ve decided that I’m going to work on an anagrammed MARTA map for all the wordplay-loving Georgians.

I’ve already finished the north line… I had to cheat and throw in a couple apostrophes, but so far I have:

  1. Vine of Spit
  2. Retrace the Pence
  3. Vice Centric
  4. Unearth Oven
  5. Two Mind
  6. Terran Sect
  7. Drenching Treble
  8. Duke Bach
  9. Decent Miracle
  10. You’d Down
  11. Spy Sans Grind
  12. Ron’s Nth Grips

(Here’s the real map, for, uh, comparison.)

And for “Brookhaven/Oglethorpe University” I came up (with the help of the venerable Wordplay program) with the wonderful “Pothole Saviour/Everything Broken.” Hee.

This is way too fun.


No, the *other* codeman38!

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Hey, kids! It’s mistaken identity time again! Time to shame (but not name, because I’m too nice of a person) those people who are firmly convinced that I’m not who I really am!

This isn’t, for the record, the first time this has happened; back in 2002, I posted a transcript of a similar incident to my site.

Other than altering the username of the mistaken party and asterisking out an expletive (hey, it’s just my personal preference to keep the public parts of this blog on the milder side of PG-13), this is completely unedited…



Yet more proof that spammers are stupid

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To demonstrate this spammer’s stupidity, I only need to quote two headers out of the entire message:

Subject: Medicines before Valentine Day !!!
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 11:33:52 +0100

Well, I suppose you will get them before Valentine’s Day of 2007


See, blogs do make an impact…

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Heh, this is amusing. The New York Times, in a little opinion feature on Dance Dance Revolution in schools, quoted my blog post from a couple weeks ago in which I mused that it was far more fun than being hit by volleyballs.

I feel… famous or something. ^_^


More fun with misspelled signs…

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…in this case, from one of the apartment buildings at UGA:

Resident Manger L-101
(click to enlarge)

I imagine the resident manger must be useful for the veterinary school just down the road…

Interestingly, ‘manager’ was spelled correctly on the other side of the sign. Go figure, eh?

And oh, yes, this also serves as an example of the sign typography I had mentioned back in December.

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