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Useless personality test

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Yet another useless personality test: What video game character are you? I’m somewhere between Mario and an Asteroid, myself, leaning quite a bit more toward the latter…


Engrish agogo and other observations

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Pointless observation of the night: “October” spelled backwards is “Rebotco”, which would make a really good name for a robotics conglomerate in a science-fiction story.

And tonight’s amusing link is the ever-popular Engrish, which this week shows a prime example of how not to romanize Eric Clapton’s name. I think you can already guess how it’s spelled before you even go there. 🙂

And while we’re on the subject of Engrish, here’s a link from the site’s forums that I found amusing: Japan-food1. “Oh! Rice wants to have come to eat me!”


All your candy…

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A belated Valentine to the way too easily amused: All Your Candy Are Belong To Us. And go ahead and make your own virtual candy hearts as well. (Thanks to Sosiqui for the link.)



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This wallpaper from may be one of the best mistranslations I’ve seen in a good while. I think I ought to go about making a popular catchphrase out of it…


Jay Leno’s Headlines

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Still upset that NBC’s Tonight Show website isn’t archiving Jay Leno’s latest Headline clippings? Well, I’ve been archiving screenshots from the past few weeks’ Headlines because, well, they’re that amusing.

And incidentally, anyone notice that one of the classified ad clippings shown during this week’s Headlines is from none other than The Macon Telegraph? The typeface and area code are a dead giveaway…

Edited 06 March 2004 to add: I never thought I’d have to say this, but as I’ve gotten several comments from people who don’t quite understand the way the Internet works, here goes: I have nothing to do with the Tonight Show staff. I’m just a random viewer with a video capture card who decided to archive Jay’s Headlines while the official site was being redesigned a while ago. If you want to get in touch with the Tonight Show staff or see the latest Headlines, head over to the official site at instead.


Super Bowl ads

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Didn’t catch the Super Bowl ads yesterday? IFilm has streaming video clips of the best ones. [2002-03-27: USA Today had removed the Ad Meter page I originally referenced; I’ve finally come across another source.]

My own opinion? The selection wasn’t as amusing as usual (something which could be attributed to the September 11 aftermath), but there were still a few that caught my attention. I particularly liked the Visa ad featuring Kevin Bacon, the Yahoo, E-Trade, and Lipton ads, the Levi’s ad with the dancing pants, and several of Budweiser’s commercials.


Bad baby names

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I could go on a huge rant about awful baby names, but quite a few people have already created entire web pages on the subject. So I’ll just let you follow those links instead.


Another potentially useful typo

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While I’m on a typo tangent, I guess I’ll mention a potentially useful one I saw used in chat today: “techniquest”. I suppose it would refer to the never-ending search for better technology.

And here’s yet another one: “Cow mein”. Chow mein that’s been prepared with beef, naturally…

Amusing typo of the day

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A rather amusing typo from a page on the University of Chicago bookstore’s website referring to the work of psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (what a name, eh?):

Professor Csikszentmihalyi explores why creative people are often seen as eelfish and arrogant (even though they are not) and reveals that the idea of the tortured genius is largely a myth.

“Eelfish”? Glub glub…

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