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It was a bright and sunny day…?

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Fans of intentionally bad writing, the 2004 Bulwer-Lytton awards were given out yesterday, when it was neither dark nor stormy (nor night, for that matter). And the winner is a National Spelling Bee contestant from long ago, at that– glad to see a fellow Websterian getting some recognition…

Revenge of the spamonyms

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More ridiculous spamonyms… all I can say is that these guys really need to get a better name generator:

Subject: Massive rocck-sooliidd ereccttions in 60 seconds or less!
From: “Ira Qoarhfi” <>
To: “Sal Qhexlulc” <>

Subject: ljoima OS-Adobe-Macromedia etc All under $15-$99 CDS aldveoe
From: “Job Sgecj” <>
To: “Amelia Ipaqcipr” <>

Subject: ksac Do you have Depression ? navom
From: “Martin Wsnalal” <>
To: “Bel Nkpiffau” <>

Subject: bmoreb Most popular software! Best offer! hsat
From: “Mortimer Eulpw” <>
To: “Lesley Ibloe” <>

"I must say that I normally do not buy software on the internet, but I sure am glad I found OEM SOFTWARE. Not only was the price unbeatable, but the customer service is better. I was very pleased with the results of my orders, and will refer all friends to order from them. Thank you!"
Lew Pguoebe

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