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More weird search requests

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From the Search Request Files…

  • proofreading excercise – Definitely needed for this person.
  • litary agents – I’ve had this one before, but it’s still amusing no matter how many times I see it.
  • buckaroo bonzi – That little purple gorilla’s advertisers may be a bit reckless, to be sure, but the sci-fi movie is titled Buckaroo Banzai.
  • airport hartsfield pronounced – OK, granted, maybe this person’s not a native speaker, but still…
  • "graduates have never" – Oh-kay
  • "i hate arial" – Well, I don’t hate it, but Helvetica does look a lot better than Microsoft’s infamous rip-off of it…

Growth via bad HTML

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Heh. Someone just spammed me with a message that was meant to be sent as HTML. Only one problem: they somehow managed to send it with a header of text/plain instead, thus causing Mozilla to display all the HTML tags.

It appears to be selling Human Growth Hormone, but I can’t read it for all the invalid HTML tags the spammer put in there to throw spam filters off; the obfuscation in this message is unbelievable. (And Mozilla still marked it as spam regardless…so much for that approach.)

Here’s exactly what I saw, sans URLs:

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