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A spellbinding documentary

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 1:34 pm

Check out the last quote on the “Press” page of the official website for the documentary Spellbound.

“Quintissentially”? ::slaps head::

What’s even worse is that the review that’s being quoted, though missing a word (“all”) due to sloppy proofreading, spells “quintessentially” correctly. Ouch!

In other news, I’m rather miffed to discover that as of right now, there are no screenings of the film in Georgia. (Here’s a link to the production company’s site, which includes a slightly more up-to-date list of screnings.) Maybe I could get together with Kat from the ’96 bee to watch one of the showings in Florida (even though all of them are a reasonably long drive from Orlando, where she lives)? Who knows…

(Edited 30 May ’03: It is showing in Atlanta now.)

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