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The Big Two-Oh

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 9:53 pm

Well. It’s quite a lucky Friday the 13th for yours truly; I’ve turned 20 years old today. The big two-oh (not, of course, to be confused with Big-Oh, something which will cause me endless grief on this upcoming Monday’s programming exam). No longer a teenager (not, of course, that I really did much teenager-like stuff while I was one, but that’s another rant entirely). One more year and I’ll be able to imbibe some potent potables, as Jeopardy! likes to call them; not that I’ve really ever wanted to…

Appropriately enough, one of my birthday presents was the much-hyped 20th Anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit. That’s my entire lifetime covered by that game– a thought which is at once both astonishing and scary.

Now I only have to get to the point where I actually feel like I’m twenty years old. Right now, it doesn’t feel all too different from being nineteen.

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