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Nyperold just pointed out to me what may be one of the stupidest spellings/apostrophe uses that I’ve seen in a good while: "Thanx’s!"

I guess I’ll have to extend a hearty "thanx’s" to Nyp on that one… ::sly grin::

Free Postscript fonts

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TrueType fonts abound on the web; a quick Google search turns up thousands of hits from both professional and amateur typographers.

But where are the PostScript fonts? They’re harder to find, but they’re out there. To start, the URW foundry has released their set of core fonts into the public domain as part of the GhostScript project. For more exotic designs, you can’t beat Apostrophe or Nick Curtis.

Last, but certainly not least, Adobe and Bitstream have even gotten into the act, releasing the Utopia and Charter fonts, respectively, as freeware. Note, however, that the versions available at that link are for Unix and its clones rather than Windows; however, I’ve gone ahead and converted them to the Windows pfb/pfm format:

Edited 2004-02-05 to add: Using the latest release of PFAedit, which finally produces proper OpenType hinting, I’ve generated OpenType versions of the two above fonts as well:

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