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And yet another daft search request

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An even more inexplicable hit from the server logs: freshmen were hypnotized. Wha?!

No movie piracy here…

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 10:58 pm

I was browsing through my server logs again (a great pastime for bored webmasters, heh), and came across this search request:

star wars download movie “attack of the clones” -trailer -xxx -vote -trailers -desktop -theme

What’s sad is that whoever did this search went through twenty-four pages of results that were probably more relevant, before stumbling across a completely unrelated blog archive here at zone38 that just coincidentally happened to contain all the terms they wanted and none of those they didn’t.

At least it’s not Dave Gorman

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If you’re planning on travelling by airplane soon, you’d better make sure that your name isn’t some derivative of John Thomas. (link found on Metafilter)

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