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NSB Congrats

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Congratulations are due to all 250 people who participated in the National Spelling Bee over the past couple of days. And extra-special congratulations go to Pratyush Buddiga, the winner of that prestigious event. May you, and all the other spellers, lead lives full of prospicience!

OK, seriously… you all ruled. And I’m anxious to see whether JJ Goldstein (how’s it feel to have tied for third?) or Catherine Miller (that distant relative of Webster himself), among others, make it back next year…

Go ahead and throw some at me as well

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Amusing, music-geek-oriented scientific parody (thanks to Kat for the link): Experimental demonstration of the tomatotopic organization in the Soprano. Be sure to read the bibliography; some great intellectual and/or multilingual puns in there…

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