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How can anybody think that an e-mail looking like this one is legitimate? HOW?!

Subject: Fw:
From: “Peter”

Hey whats up,

We 0 ffer low rates.

Fill out one application and let the aLEaNDERS compete.

The following are NO problem and will not stop you from getting the afi na=
ncing you need: *** Can’t show !ncome *** Self-Employed *** aCr edit Probl=
ems *** Recent aBank rup tcy *** Unconventional L()AN

We provide the best customer service in the industry with 24/7 support and=
a comprehensive guide for selling a home yourself.

US D $ 290 ,000 aL0 aANS are avai lable for only $255 / month=


COPY the Addreass below and paste in your WEaB BROaWSER:



Valid for 24 Hrs.

Have you hated surfing lately?.
Don’t you practice dancing as often as possible?.
Did Debbie love jumping in front of the restaurant?.
That carpenter is practicing running at this time..
Have you missed reading recently?.

See you later,
Branden Smith

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