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Hardly A. Name

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 11:31 am

It’s time for another round of spamonyms! Who doesn’t like finding absurd entertainment in junk e-mail, after all? And, well, I realized I hadn’t made one of these sorts of posts in a while, so there was quite a backlog…

Once again, all of these names were actually found in the ‘From’ field of messages in my spam box. I only wish I were making these up…

  • Sexually T. Eternity (Selling, interestingly enough, software. Not Viagra.)
  • Imprisoning U. Cellist
  • Robbing D. Heptagons
  • Plexiglases T. Woodwind
  • Performances R. Indeed
  • Eagles O. Worries
  • Fractal G. Sorrier
  • Uncontrollably V. Hike
  • Deviltry R. Instrumentality
  • Neurosis Q. Elfish
  • Ponders V. Goof
  • Sodium I. Deserters
  • Loafs G. Barker
  • Heath I. Sportscaster
  • Inpatient Q. Heartthrobs
  • Kneaded E. Mama
  • Chiropractor B. Vanity
  • Factually K. Okras
  • Alabamians A. Peak
  • Avast H. Venomously
  • Pastiest S. Cheapness
  • Unparalleled Q. Daisy
  • Scrimshaw R. Energetically
  • Drachma O. Waterproofs
  • Lagniappes D. Cinerama
  • Plushier Q. Oxides
  • Pounding J. Oddities
  • Skate O. Cesspools
  • Dictaphone H. Slaughterers
  • Streetwalkers C. Ambivalently
  • Philatelic D. Squealer
  • Overacting B. Ridiculousness
  • Hibachi T. Exploded


  1. thats unbelievable. i mean do they just use dicts to make them up or are spammers that funny?

    Comment by kosmar — 09-Nov-2005 @ 2:32 pm

  2. Nope, it’s not meant to be funny— they just pick random dictionary words in order to throw off spam filters.

    Comment by codeman38 — 09-Nov-2005 @ 2:40 pm

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