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More fun with pedestrian-unfriendly street design

Filed under: Car-Free,General — codeman38 @ 5:17 pm

See this two-mile stretch of Atlanta Highway in Athens, GA? There are lots of big-name franchises along the way, most of which can be found nowhere else in town, including the shopping mall, Carrabba’s, and Krispy Kreme (why isn’t there a Krispy Kreme downtown?!)… but there is not a single place for pedestrians to cross. Not much in the way of sidewalks, either. In fact, the only crosswalk I know is at the easternmost point of the path I’ve highlighted; I’m not sure how much further west one needs to go before one actually finds another crossing, but I know there aren’t any in sight from the westernmost point marked.

Oh, yeah, and it’s an eight-lane highway, naturally. Which means that there’s pretty much no chance you’ll be able to cross the road without ending up as roadkill.

(Edited to improve the map; the original path had a U-turn in it which made it even longer. I guess it’s not too easy for cars to cross either!)

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