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Spam gibberish of the day…

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 12:29 pm

Once again, I am not making this up:

Subject: Fwd: [Hopi] 61% off Vicodin. suspenses parenthetically
From: “Zubin Alden” <>
To: “Barret Tranter” <>

[attached image containing the text “Lowest online price for Vicodin / Click here”]

Machine, open soft quick. Take room hot, held like, speak.
Invent is young people, begin. Plant, spell map. Wheel meat
quite. If told product long. End, very white do. Ice baby, fine,
tube same. Better knew mind can map.

Phone: 650-947-7843
Mobile: 929-311-8860

…And they expect this to convince people to buy medications? O_o


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