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Have you switched your browser yet? | Letters to the World

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  1. Chris

    Honestly? I don’t think so. It is a typical “for-slashdot” type of article. Just to increase ad revenue. I think people should realize that the web doesn’t belong to zealots. The web belongs to all people, and unless these zealots who also happen to be losers with lots of free time in their hand, stop being zealot and start being reasonable, people should dumb Firefox and Linux all together.


  2. Techmonkey

    “The web belongs to all people”
    “people should dumb Firefox and Linux all together.”

    Now that’s hardly consistent, is it?

    Anyway. I long await the day some geek decides to write a program which propagates like a virus, but does nothing but scan for other vulnerabilities, and completely block all internet traffic on machines that test positive, until the machines’ owners sort the problem out.

    Fine, the ‘net should be for everyone, but if people are going to use it, they need to take a little responsibility for it.


  3. codeman38

    Techmonkey: I’ve often wished there was something like that as well! Suffice it to say, a university Ethernet connection can be worse than dialup when enough students have virus-infected machines that are wasting bandwidth with their constant pinging…


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