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Fun with screen savers

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 12:18 am

Now this is cool: Darren Stone has ported at least some of the modules from Jamie Zawinski’s XScreensaver from Unix to Windows. Gotta love open source– especially when it’s used for utterly pointless desktop toys like these. Though it doesn’t include any of the text effects (probably due to font rendering issues) or some of the more recent hacks such as AppleII or Wormhole, it does include the excellent GLMatrix, BlockTube, Flurry and Sproingies.

Speaking of screen savers, perhaps the best fireworks simulation that I’ve seen is Skyrocket from ReallySlick, a Windows screensaver which has also been ported to Unix.

Oh, yeah, and exams are finally over for me this semester. I’m moving out tomorr– uh, well, technically today…

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