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Birthday musings

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 3:19 pm

Well, yesterday was my birthday. I’m now officially 21 years old. And somehow, I didn’t manage to find any time yesterday to write a blog entry about it.

Why? If you thought I was too busy getting drunk… BZZT! Wrong answer.

I was too busy playing Dance Dance Revolution on my new dance mat (eating cake in between rounds, naturally). My friends and I also went out last night to watch The Last Samurai, which we all thoroughly enjoyed, even if they did fudge a few details regarding Japanese traditions.

It wasn’t a very eventful birthday, to be sure, but I got a rather good amount of exercise on it…

And no, I don’t feel even remotely like I’m 21. I still feel like I’m, oh, about 16 or so. I swear, one of these days it will hit me that I’m actually this old, but I’m not sure when exactly that will be…

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