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Four capital letters printed in gold

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I just discovered the music video for Justice’s song “DVNO”, and it’s… a typographical feast, which I recommend to anyone who’s a typography geek.

But what’s particularly great is that pretty much everything in the video was inspired by TV and movie studio logos of the past. And as an Aspie who used to obsess over these sorts of TV-logo bumpers… this is fun trying to guess the inspirations. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve got so far…

  • The first “DVNO” after the Ed Banger logo: Channel Four.
  • “Storytelling”: surely based on the NBC peacock, but which version?
  • I know I’ve seen the inspiration for the “Ugly Girls and Boys” logo, but I can’t place it.
  • The second “DVNO”: HBO. The typography’s a dead giveaway on that one…
  • “Details”: Based on another version of the Channel 4 ‘blocks’ logo, I think?
  • “Make the Girls Sweat”: Wasn’t there a version of the Sega logo that was set like that, or am I just imagining? Definitely a Sega-esque font, anyway.
  • “Anyone Read”: Universal Studios!
  • “Printed In Gold”: Cannon! Wow, I feel old now.
  • “Even More”: ::hums the Fox logo fanfare::
  • I know I recognize the “Am” logo, but I cannot place it.
  • UPDATE: I knew I recognized the last “DVNO”, too, but only realized where I’d seen it when trawling through old TV logos on YouTube. I’d totally forgotten about CBS-FOX
  • And last but definitely not least, though I didn’t recall this one from my childhood, Justice themselves admitted to the ending being inspired by Stephen J. Cannell.

Anyone recognize any that I missed? Or have YouTube links for the ones I wasn’t sure of? Suggest and/or link away in the comments.

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