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Murphy’s Law strikes thrice

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 8:27 pm

OK, today seems to be one of those days that everything just falls apart… literally.

First, the sideburn trimmer on my electric razor broke this morning. Now it’s…not trimming anything at all.

Then, this afternoon, my cell phone case broke apart, with the belt clip coming detached from the actual case.

Went to Wal-Mart this evening to get a new phone case, and bought a new razor while I was at it; the thing was getting old anyway, it needed new blades (which are about as expensive as a whole new razor), and it was getting worse and worse at holding a battery charge.

And then, when I was cutting the label off the phone case and cutting open the razor box?

My scissors fell apart.

Guess I’ll have to pick up a replacement for those at the campus bookstore tomorrow…unless I’ve got a spare pair buried away somewhere, which I very well might.

Edited to add: OK, I did have a spare pair of scissors in a box in the closet from when I moved in. Crisis averted.

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