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  1. Adrian

    Interstate? To Macon? WTF? Well, we know that’s wrong. My route seems pretty reasonable, and there aren’t more than a few turns. The problem in Georgia is a lack of signs where you need them — so I’ve gotten very lost in Atlanta and trying to find Conyers — and the problem anywhere is that you can’t figure out the four or five highway numbers that every turn has fast enough. We seem to use one highway number to indicate a road, but if someone else mentions the number of another route that uses the road then we get thrown for a loop! At this point I remember the trip to Macon visually, and I think I made a wrong turn only once.

    Something about driving is that the practice makes you comfortable. Maybe if you never drove much anyway, you would never feel comfortable. Of course, if you have any presence of mind at all the Interstates will always be nerve-wracking. I have driven buses on Interstates, so I had another level of concentration to achieve.


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