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%CUSTOM_1 (or: More Inept Spam)

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 5:10 pm

Again, other than the URLs, this is verbatim. Why do these people not go through a test run to verify that their configuration is correct before spamming the world?

Subject: Re: bestQuotesToday
From: “Philips” <Philips>
To: “Philips” <lifephilip@cagefactor.com>


We tried to contact you earlier about %CUSTOM_3 your home at a %CUSTOM_4 %CUSTOM_5
%CUSTOM_6 would like to let you know that we have gone ahead and started the %CUSTOM_8 process.

Here are the results:

Amount: $203,200 - $879,000
%CUSTOM_5: 3.77 - 6.94




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