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Absurd spam headers of the day

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 11:06 am

Both of these were actually spotted in my spam trap this morning. The actual body of the message was a ridiculously HTML-obfuscated ad for a mail-order pharmacy (not surprising, really).

Subject: Re: spatangoid about it
From: “Gunfights C. Constructions” <>

Apparently a spatangoid is a type of starfish. Given these absurd headers, I wouldn’t be surprised if the spammers responsible for this had the relative intelligence of starfish.

Subject: re: unjointed info
From: “Packed D. Swamped” <>

Mr. Swamped, the name is probably appropriate given how many gullible people must order from you, but I prefer my information to be jointed, thank you very much.

Edited to add: How did I miss this one while scanning through my spambox?

Subject: re: milked info
From: “Gesundheit M. Subheading” <>

I suppose you ought to milk the info for all it’s worth. And Gesundheit is a wonderful name for someone selling medications!

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