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Ruminations on a thrice-broken computer

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Well, this is the third time in three years that I have to send my computer to Gateway for service. This time, the LCD screen literally came disconnected from the computer at the hinge, thus rendering me unable to see anything unless I’m plugged up to an external monitor (as I currently am). >_<

This time, I didn’t make the mistake of using the (still probably offshored) phone support to call in my service request… the web chat was much easier, what with my auditory processing disorder. Sure, the technician was still probably in India, but accents are a lot less noticeable in text. 😉

Really, this computer’s just been bad ‘moos’ for me… even if I have been milking it for all it’s worth these three years. At least I haven’t been given a lot of bull by support, though. I just hope I don’t have to send it in an-udder time, since it’ll be out of warranty after this month. OK, OK, I’ll stop with the bad bovine puns…


Bad proofreaders of the world, untie!

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Fans of the Proofreader’s Hall of Shame (which I really, really need to update) might also be amused by BBspot’s BBloopers and Doh, The Humanity.


More spamblogging…

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OK, this one has to be shared in full, just because it’s so utterly… nonsensical. The link’s been munged to avoid promoting the spammer’s site, but everything else is as in the original e-mail:

Subject: Live complete life today! High-quality medication only at our site.
From: “Jiggle E. Capitol” <>

reviviscent detouring impecuniary underfrock pharynx
Searching for pills? shippo inappositely umptieth
Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue-to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak. bocce failles
It is always the same: once you are liberated, you are forced to ask who you are. uncommercialness drinkability.

Gotta admit, Mr. Capitol’s e-mail address is quite apt! (Or should I call him Jiggle?)


Panasoanic: Just slightly behind our time

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It’s a SQNY! And other bootleg electronics, such as Panasoanic and Rikon. (found via Geisha Asobi)

The site is in Japanese, but the pictures linked in the left frame should speak for themselves…

Oh, and those PolyStations? They’re nothing more than NES clones in PlayStation clothing. You’ve got to wonder how many people were misled by them…

And here are some more cases of industrial plagiarism found via Google. My favorite? PieOnEar. No, really.

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