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More for the misspelled spam fans…

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 9:50 pm

Subject: debunk

Take advantage of the LOWEST mortage rates in over 30 years!
Now is the perfect time to refinamce your existing mortnage, take
cash out for home improvements, or consoidate your dept into one
low monthly paytment.
Bed crebit? No problem! We have products for borowers with
all crebit types! (Excellent through poor.)
You have nothing to lose! No FEES, commitments, memberships
or obligations. Just competitive quotes from up to 3 lemders in
your area! Fast and easy, no initial crebit checks.

I think I may turn “bed crebit” into a new catchphrase. It sounds so much like a Yosemite Sam-style expletive…

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