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My ISP hates Mozilla

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 6:06 pm

[EDITED 28-Nov-2003 @ 1:05 PM: I posted an update earlier claiming that the site had been fixed, as it momentarily worked for me and several others as of midnight last night. Apparently this was only a temporary change; it seems that the site is now back to blocking all browsers but MSIE/Win! Thanks to several people for pointing this out.]

[EDITED 30-Nov-2003: It didn’t work in IE/Mac before, but apparently they’ve fixed that particular problem; the site also works with a Safari user-agent header. Still… are there any Mozilla or Netscape 6+ users at Cox’s support department?]

Accessing in anything besides Internet Explorer for Windows, as of the time I wrote this post, produces the error shown in this screenshot, which states that the site is only accessible via Internet Explorer for Windows.

Now, my question: What were they THINKING? This is bad. REALLY bad.

I mean, come on. I can understand possibly limiting particular advanced support options so that they can only be accessed by evil security-hole-ridden browsers, but I literally can’t access ANY part of Cox’s support site; it keeps throwing an error in my face, even if I spoof an IE user-agent header.

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