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In other anime news…

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Fans of dance music and Japanese animation will be pleased to know that the Daft Punk–Leiji Matsumoto music video Interstella 5555 will be released as a Region 1 DVD on November 18 of this year.

Edited 11-Nov-2003 to add: Seems that, though there is indeed going to be a R1 release of this film, it won’t be as early as originally thought. Amazon.com lists the release date as December 2, which still isn’t all that far off…

More anime convention goodness

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Still no AWA trip report yet (maybe I’ll find the time to write one up during the long weekend), but I did discover something quite interesting while surfing the web for AWA pictures: I’m actually visible, along with several of my friends, in one of the pictures on the site for the documentary Otaku Unite, which premiered at Anime Weekend Atlanta this year. Here’s the Otaku Unite photo gallery; scroll down and find the picture of the Saturday screening. Though it’s a rather dark photo (after all, this was a video screening room), that’s most definitely us in the second row.

Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll confess that I was the hitherto anonymous audience member who got the projector in working order. ::grin::

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