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Letters to the World » 2002 » November » 12

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Letters to the World


Gotta love those server logs

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A few more inexplicable search requests…

  • jane eyre mp3 free movie – A very interesting use of MP3, I’d say. (Perhaps a typo for mp4? Either that, or a very clueless user…)
  • were can i get Jay Leno’s headlines? – Indeed, this did lead to a link regarding Leno’s headlines. However, the spelling of the search is quite ironic considering the subject.
  • I am a fontaholic – Nice to know there are other typographic addicts out there, heh.
  • dowload windows xp home edition free on cd – Ignoring the typo, isn’t this somewhat of a contradiction?

A more perfect unoin

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As if Saturday’s spelling-related news article wasn’t enough, here’s a news item which combines stupid criminals and bad spelling. If you’re going to forge checks, at least spell the name of the bank correctly

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