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Destroying movie clichés one by one…

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 1:47 am

Glancing at the banner in my AIM window– which is advertising some movie entitled The New Guy, apparently yet another film based on the now-clichéd plot of a geek becoming chic– I’m reminded of a comment I made during a chat a couple days ago:

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made a movie in which a “popular” person becomes an awkward geek, instead of vice versa?

I’d really like to see that, myself. Though I’m doubtful, given the state of things in Hollywood, that such a thing would ever be released in the first place…


  1. I agree. Maybe we should write a letter, or something. Heh :p

    Comment by Toni — 11-Jan-2002 @ 6:01 pm

  2. Reese Witherspoon’s character in Pleasantville (Jennifer, Mary Sue) nearly fits that description. Before being sucked into Pleasantville, USA, Jennifer was your typical “cool” member of the social hierarchy; she smoked and she was a slut. Halfway through the film, she turns down the captain of the basketball team to “study”…

    While she is not exactly an awkward geek, she has realized her academic potential and goes for it.

    Comment by Paul McCord — 13-Jan-2002 @ 4:22 pm

  3. Yet another reason I need to go see Pleasantville, then. (Yes, I know, I’m culturally deprived…<sigh>)

    Comment by codeman38 — 13-Jan-2002 @ 5:14 pm

  4. I haven’t seen it yet, either…

    Comment by Toni — 15-Jan-2002 @ 10:15 pm

  5. I’d go and see that movie (cool guy to geek, I mean). And so would all my friends, come to think of it…since Hollywood would never go for it, maybe we should make an independent film and premiere it at one of the film festivals…=)

    Comment by Lesi — 17-Jan-2002 @ 10:07 pm

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