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Well…after a couple hours in

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Well…after a couple hours in which I downloaded about a gigabyte’s worth of data (thank goodness I have a cable modem), I finally got Linux Mandrake 8.0 installed on my computer.

But that’s not the hard part. That would be actually configuring it. At least this time I got farther than I had with the previous version; version 8 ships with the correct driver for my network card, and thus I actually managed to connect to the Internet. Now I’ve got to get all the software working, as well as getting the blasted thing to recognize my USB graphics tablet. (The installer recognized that device perfectly fine…now why won’t the OS?! At least I have my old PS/2 MouseMan for backup…) And for some reason Mozilla won’t load, though Netscape Communicator works fine; I’ll have to fiddle around with that as well…

Now, to get on to some work I actually need to do, heh…

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