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Spam header of the day: “Hello codedisk98 ! You’re a WINNER”. ‘Twould be great if that were actually my username. (At least it’s better than being called $FIRSTNAME, as has happened in several other spams, though…)

A new sniglet: “geekdar”

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Random train of thought of the night, from an IM session with the inimitable Kat:

…all the girls I seem to encounter are the kind who think they’re cool but are, by my standards, far from it.
I’d think I’d encounter more, say, at lunch, in class, in the library, in the computer labs…but even then, I seem to have little luck.
I’ll occasionally find someone who actually likes me for me, but it’s a rare find.
I wish there were some sort of “geekdar” to identify geeks from afar. Heheh. :-p

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