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Chemical Brothers video

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Hm. Just discovered through Memepool the latest video by the Chemical Brothers, “Star Guitar“. Oddly interesting, and in my opinion somewhat reminiscent of a Volkswagen commercial (which is a good thing).


Yet another random comment

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Y’know something else I hate? Websites that, not content with just shoving one pop-up window in your face, bombard you with two or more intrusive ads. Even Tripod has become guilty of this one lately; I would’ve thought they’d know better…

New feature on Fonts page

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I’ve added a new feature to my Font Stuff section, enabling you to preview the fonts before you download them. The interface is still rather primitive right now, but I’ll continue to improve upon it when I have the time.


Something else I dislike…

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 2:43 pm

Speaking of things I dislike…

I also hate it when my printer doesn’t want to feed paper straight. Especially when it does it on several sheets in a row. Not only is it a pain to deal with, it’s also a waste of paper…

Differin and unflavored Sprite

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I just saw an advertisement for some new acne medication called Differin. Is it just me, or are the pharmaceutical companies really starting to run out of decent-sounding names for their products? I mean, “Differin”…whoever came up with that name had to have been greatly inspired by Saturday Night Live parody commercials and the like.

And on a totally unrelated topic, I absolutely hate it when the Coca-Cola taps in the dining hall run out of flavoring syrup. Not so bad with Coke itself– you can at least tell when it’s becoming diluted– but it’s a rather rude awakening when you’ve gone to get Sprite and end up discovering, only after you’ve taken a sip, that it’s pure, unflavored carbonated water. Blech.


Pre-Stupid Day festivities

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 6:09 pm

It’s not even Stupid Day yet, but I’ve already begun to scour the internet for stupidity-related links. Here are some choice cuts of idiocy for your viewing pleasure…

Dave Barry does LaughLab

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 1:05 pm

By now you’ve probably heard of the LaughLab, the group of British researchers who have set out to discover what makes jokes funny. And if you happen to disagree with any of their findings, let it be known that Dave Barry is of the same mindset…

The worst part, though, is that after reading that article I’m tempted to turn “There’s a weasel chomping on my privates” into an All Your Base-style catchphrase. Scary, isn’t it?



Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 2:33 pm

OK, I just have to share with the world this spam I just received.

   Are you healthy and wealthy? You are lucky! Sick children who are considered to be incurable live near you. They parents refused of them and nobody can help them except you.Nowadays contemporary medicine can completely treat them, but it requires money, a lot of money. Together we can help them.
   Universal Children Relive Fund (UCRF) asks you to provide an adequate material assistance. We will be appreciating for any of your donation from private person or from organization. Remember, transferring money you are saving thousands of children life's. Please, help us and you will find a lot of young friends, who became happy thanks to you. Don't delay your assistance; don't think that it can be done without you. Regardless of the contribution size your name or the name of your organization will be forever written down in our Helping Book. Show your name or name of your organization in details of payment of your transfer.

“Universal Children Relive Fund”? I dunno; I don’t want to make any of these children relive their awful lives any more than they need to. And I won’t even attempt to comment on “transferring money you are saving thousands of children life’s”…

I’ve snipped the actual addresses because I don’t want to give these guys any more promotion than they need. However, I will mention for the terminally curious that the organization claims to be based in Latvia, which just might explain the rather lacking translation.


Singing synthesizers

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 12:29 pm

Hm. I just stumbled across a link to the Macintosh program Vocalwriter, and all I can really say is, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more programs like this. This is perhaps one of the most creative uses of text-to-speech synthesis that I’ve seen in a good while. Now I’m just curious whether anyone’s developed something similar for the PC platform…


Sentient batteries?

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 11:34 pm

I was looking through the spare batteries in my dorm room to find some new ones for my CD player, and I happened to stumble across this one. “Battery may explore” if misused? Sounds like the premise for a bad sci-fi film, if you ask me…

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