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At least I’m not Ko’deey

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As if my selection of links on bad baby names back in February wasn’t enough to fill you up, here’s yet another collection of unusual names, with some appropriately sarcastic commentary, to whet your appetite.

Qaulified and acccurate

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From the ever-amusing Need To Know (OK, I admit it, my sense of humour is strangely British for an American), comes this amusing Google search for products with rather faulty “qaulity assurance”.

Reminiscent of my “acccurate” thermometer from some time back, I must admit…


A *sentient* one would be nice…

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Yet another bizarre search request culled from the server logs: i detest driving intuitive automobiles

To which I reply: The non-intuitive ones are better?


Hetman? What’s a hetman?

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Speaking of search requests, here’s one from AltaVista that I can’t understand for the life of me: conveyances OR proofreader OR snatching OR familiarness OR hetman

Guess which word it was that led to zone38. 😉

INTP bad drivers? Indeed!

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Hah. According to my server logs, someone stumbled across zone38 yesterday by searching on Google for INTP bad drivers. Yes, it’s true; though we rational personality types are quite good at the analytical thinking that driving requires, that whole observation thing almost unfailingly throws us off…


Some Memes Never Die

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“All Your Base” sighting #2101: on an out-of-order sign on a vending machine in one of Mercer University’s dorms. Take off every soda! For great justice!

Binary Bears + clip art = humor

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Mercer University‘s programming team, as I’ve mentioned before, is known as the Binary Bears. By some uncanny coincidence, Brøderbund‘s ClickArt image collection contains a photo in which two teddy bears have been posed at a computer desk.

The perfect Photoshopping opportunity, you say? I agree entirely.


Spa`mm`ers a`r`e st`u`pi`d

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Sheesh. Just when you thought spammers couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they’re finding hilariously amusing and totally ugly ways to attempt to counteract spam filters.

Today, for instance, I received a spam with the wonderfully munged subject line of “brin¨g. in m·or­e – busi-ºñèss less”.

The kicker? Even with all of this spammer’s attempts to avoid being filtered, the copy of SpamAssassin running on zone38 identified it for what it was, thanks to the number of dollar signs and (un-obfuscated) spam-related phrases contained within.


Gotta love those server logs

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A few more inexplicable search requests…

  • jane eyre mp3 free movie – A very interesting use of MP3, I’d say. (Perhaps a typo for mp4? Either that, or a very clueless user…)
  • were can i get Jay Leno’s headlines? – Indeed, this did lead to a link regarding Leno’s headlines. However, the spelling of the search is quite ironic considering the subject.
  • I am a fontaholic – Nice to know there are other typographic addicts out there, heh.
  • dowload windows xp home edition free on cd – Ignoring the typo, isn’t this somewhat of a contradiction?

A more perfect unoin

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As if Saturday’s spelling-related news article wasn’t enough, here’s a news item which combines stupid criminals and bad spelling. If you’re going to forge checks, at least spell the name of the bank correctly

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