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Why I don’t buy many CDs these days

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John C. Dvorak’s recent PC Magazine column on the recording industry’s price-fixing is very well worth the read. Now if only the music industry would do something logical and sensible for once…



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If you thought Perec’s Grand Palindrome was amazing, this will really surprise you: 2002: A Palindrome Story.


I’m’ve was to be very amused!

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Homestar Runner fans, be sure to find out how Strong Bad came’s to seen out when he is wery old in the latest Strong Bad E-Mail. Classic, I tell you…


Now where’d I leave that blog post?

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Amusing link forwarded to me by a friend from school (thanks, Sarah): You Know You Have ADD When… Needless to say, I can associate with quite a few of these…

Link Get!

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Interesting. Searching through my server logs, I find that my video game font conversions have apparently become rather popular in Japan; I even got a link buried within the depths of a reasonably popular Japanese directory of font-related links.


Dial Q for…er, wait…

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I’m glad that the folks at Quicken Loans provide the corresponding digits for their easy-to-remember telephone mnemonic of 800-QUICKEN (a number which I’ve seen advertised all around the web today). Otherwise, I’d have no clue how to dial that first letter if I wanted to apply. (Yes, according to the most recent international standard, Q is mapped to 7; unfortunately, nearly all the phones I’ve seen don’t reflect that standard.)

Eh, not that it matters anyway, telephonophobe that I am…


Grammically bad, indeed!

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Heh. Just found an entry in my server logs where someone was led to the Proofreader’s Hall of Shame via a search for examples of grammatically bad writing. Appropriate enough, right?

Well, that’s not the end of the story. As it often does, Google had corrected the spelling of the original search request. What this person originally searched for was Exsamples of grammically bad writing

Another searcher found my site via a search for have you ever played the trivia game “zone38”. Eh?

Life imitates Procrastinator’s Creed

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From the “cult of the Procrastinator’s Society” department: Two-headed turtle found in Florida.


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Chick-Fil-A is known for its chicken sandwiches– heck, even the name screams poultry patties. That fast-food restaurant has run an award-winning ad campaign for several years in which rather apprehensive cows urge hungry customers to Eat Mor Chikin (hey, they’re cows, you expect ’em to be literate?).

Fine. But why, then, do some Chick-Fil-A locations (like the one here on campus) serve steak biscuits at breakfast? Seems like a conflict of interest in some weird, twisted way…


The strange coincidences of 911

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From the “spooky coincidences” department: The winning New York lottery numbers on the night of September 11, 2002– completely by chance!– just happened to be 911.

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