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Being in Jeopardy can be a good thing…

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Well, in case you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past couple days (and why I haven’t been online half as much as usual), I’ve been in Houston, Texas, for the Jeopardy college tournament tryouts.

I know, you’re all wondering how it went. Well, for the third year, I managed to pass the test (introvert that I am, I’ve always thought that was the easiest part); and in addition, I feel like I did better on the mock game and interview than I had in the past. Let’s just say that I let the extroverted side of my personality show through a bit more than I have at past tryouts…

So, will I make it onto the show? Doubtful, yes, but there’s always a chance. I noticed that most of those present at the tryouts were from the area immediately around Texas (or, of course, from within Texas itself), and a majority were from larger universities such as UT, A&M, etc. Few were from small colleges such as Mercer, and fewer still flew all the way from the east coast to get here, so I actually feel like I have more of a chance than before. (Of course, this is just one of the four or so cities in which tryouts were held, and one of the two tryout sessions held here in Houston, so I can’t be too sure…)

But one thing’s for sure: if I do, by some chance, get the package letting me know that I’ve been selected to appear on the show, I’ll most definitely post a blog entry about it.

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