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Still more Weird Search Requests

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 1:45 pm

Time for some more Weird Search Requests, a nice feature we’ve had access to after, um, celebrating our independence from free web hosts… (I had to tie it in somehow, all right?)

  • new volkswagen commercial layers clothing – In the January 2002 blog archives, I mentioned a music video that resembled a Volkswagen commercial, and the fact that I had been dressed in several layers of clothing. But even now I don’t recall having seen any Volkswagen commercials that involved layers of clothing– and I wonder why someone interested in a new commercial would view a January 2002 blog archive, for that matter.
  • Discussion Forums on Accents – Quite amusing, really: I have a rather inactive message forum on the site in which I sparked– you guessed it– a thread discussing accents.
  • “paxan”+sound – Uhh? This is a search from Brazil, so maybe there’s something in Portuguese that I’m missing, but I still doubt it.
  • MOUTAINSIDE BY MARRIOTT – Led, of course, to a page on the Proofreader’s Hall of Shame.

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