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A random Websterian musing

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Y’know what I just realized?

Blancmange” would be a great National Spelling Bee word. Even better because anyone who’s seen a certain Monty Python sketch will instantly remember it.

(I am such a geek…)


Yes, my musical tastes are ridiculously eclectic…

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Wow. AOL’s online radio service has stations for J-pop and for anime and video game soundtracks. This surprises me, for some reason… though it probably shouldn’t.

And there is a Mac version of the AOL radio client now… for a while, it only worked with paid AOL accounts, but it seems like it’s finally out of beta and that free AIM accounts can log into the service now as well. Whee!


Weird Things in Video Game Music #1: Ecco the Dolphin (GG)

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I’ve been downloading and listening to some old video game soundtracks, and in the process, I discovered a rather… interesting situation with a tune in an old Sega Game Gear soundtrack, specifically that for Ecco the Dolphin.



Directionally-impaired musing of the moment

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Even if I did actually manage to get my driver’s license and feel vaguely comfortable behind the wheel of a car, I still doubt I’d be doing much in the way of driving.

I still have absolutely no idea how to get from Macon to Athens and back. I’ve gone back and forth fairly frequently, but I still can’t remember exactly where along the route the various turns I’d need to make are. And the roads I need to turn on are just random meaningless numbered highways that I can’t remember, so that doesn’t help me pinpoint things any! If the streets actually had names that were in my mind meaningful, that would definitely help jog my memory… or if I could read a highway map without getting visually overloaded… :-\

And Google’s directions make me go by way of the interstate part of the way, which does NOT help me any, given that the interstate scares me. Maybe in about 5 years or so… OK, probably 10… I’ll feel vaguely, remotely comfortable driving at interstate speeds. Not to mention merging onto the interstate— and changing lanes on it— which scare me even more than driving on it.

Sometimes, I just feel hopeless. ::sigh::


I’m going through the Gate for this, aren’t I?

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Something mildly amusing for the Fullmetal Alchemist viewers out there (the rest of you can safely ignore it, as it’s all a big in-joke anyway):

Apparently, there is a batch e-mail tool named AutoMail… a perfectly reasonable name, I’ll admit. But no, what makes this funny is that it was developed by a company named, I kid you not, Alchemy Lab. No, really, I’m not making this up.

This amuses me far more than it should.

(…says he whose PowerBook is named Alphonse. Right. Move along, then.)

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