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My Mac has changed its spots (or, Alphonse has a new kitty)

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So yay. I’ve picked up a copy of Mac OS X Leopard from the UGA bookstore and installed on my PowerBook tonight.

Observations so far:

  • Archive and Install worked much better than I expected. All my stuff, even all the applications I’ve installed, is still there; the only thing that was really affected was what I’ve compiled into the Unix directories (/usr/bin, etc.).
  • Surprisingly, despite what Apple says, Photo Booth will run on a G4 with an external camera. The frame rate is atrocious, but it runs.
  • Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator CS2 all launch, though I’ve encountered a few random unexpected crashes after launching. Not sure if this is because of incompatibility, preferences getting zapped during the Leopard install, or both; I’ll have to investigate later.
  • Spaces. Seriously, why hasn’t OS X had virtual desktops until now? VirtueDesktops was OK, but felt a bit kludgy; this seems to work far more… Apple-like. I particularly like how you can manipulate windows on the ‘overhead’ view and drag them among desktops.
  • Safari 3.0 final seems to load much quicker than the beta version. And it doesn’t take ages to display my bookmarks menu (one of the other big annoyances I had with the beta).
    • On that note, a Java chat that I sometimes visit seems to run more snappily as well. Not sure if that’s because of Safari, Java, or a combination of both.
  • How am I only now getting to checking e-mail? Oh, wow, you can sync notes and To Do lists with an IMAP server. This could be very useful for a scatterbrain like me.

I’ll probably be posting more here as I discover more about Leopard. I still haven’t installed Xcode yet; right now, I’m trying to move the archived Tiger install to an external drive before I even think of installing anything else, but it’s going very slowly (and with good reason, since it’s 10 gigs or so).

I also need to clear up enough space on my external drive to try out Time Machine… automatic backups, whee! Yet another thing that will be incredibly useful in the long run once I’ve got it set up…

Edited to add: Ooh, it’s always the little things that really make a difference. Y’know how on the newer Mac laptops you can right-click by holding down two fingers on the trackpad? That wasn’t possible on PowerBooks and iBooks in Tiger…but it is in Leopard.


Murphy’s Law strikes thrice

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 8:27 pm

OK, today seems to be one of those days that everything just falls apart… literally.

First, the sideburn trimmer on my electric razor broke this morning. Now it’s…not trimming anything at all.

Then, this afternoon, my cell phone case broke apart, with the belt clip coming detached from the actual case.

Went to Wal-Mart this evening to get a new phone case, and bought a new razor while I was at it; the thing was getting old anyway, it needed new blades (which are about as expensive as a whole new razor), and it was getting worse and worse at holding a battery charge.

And then, when I was cutting the label off the phone case and cutting open the razor box?

My scissors fell apart.

Guess I’ll have to pick up a replacement for those at the campus bookstore tomorrow…unless I’ve got a spare pair buried away somewhere, which I very well might.

Edited to add: OK, I did have a spare pair of scissors in a box in the closet from when I moved in. Crisis averted.

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