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Clidgening some new words together just for you…

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As if generating random sentences via Markov chains wasn’t entertaining enough, you can also generate some neologisms through the same process. It’s absolutely attifurteriteric!

More Chinglish

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And more Chinglish, also turned up through a very fruitful Google search: A Sign of the Times.

Engrish and Chinglish

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Badly-translated Engrish, as surprising as it may seem at first, isn’t unique to Japan. Admittedly, with its huge electronic industry and the sheer number of products it exports, Japan is probably the most well-known and most consistent source of bad translations– but by no means is it alone. Take, for instance, the sometimes absurd variety of Engrish known as Chinglish, so named because it originates in Chinese-speaking countries…

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