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Revenge on the Telemarketers

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Heh. After having written about telemarketers and their annoying tactics, I stumbled across this news story about comedian Tom Mabe’s anti-telemarketing antics.


Telemarketers, aaagh!

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In my experience, there’s only one thing worse than telemarketers who interrupt you when you’re doing something: those who don’t seem to understand the meaning of “I’m not interested”. Ugh.

And why is it always credit card telemarketers who are calling me? I mean, if they were selling…oh, I don’t know, something related to computers or video games, I might actually be willing to listen to their sales pitch. But I’ve already got a debit card, which is all that I need at the moment; and besides, my dad’s a certified credit counselor, and I’m very much tempted to let him talk to the telemarketers. 😉



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I can so associate with today’s Zits comic.



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Glad I caught a screenshot of this before the Telegraph fixed it: Questions emerge in kipnapping. Kipnapping…is that just a redundant word for resting?


Interesting Flash animation

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If you haven’t seen these Flash animations before, check them out. Quite surreal, bizarre, and yet entrancing. NosePilot


“Quotation marks”

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It gets me how many people think that quotation marks are supposed to be used for emphasis. I just walked past a building here on campus on which was posted a sign that read something like:

Please enter through side door

OK…if it isn’t really wet, and more importantly, it isn’t really paint, why do we need to worry about touching the door?


Ya can’t miss it!

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Don’t you just hate it when people give directions to a place, and at the end loudly and proudly proclaim that “you can’t miss it”? Trust me, for someone with a sense of direction like mine (which I’m sure I inherited from my mother), you can very easily miss it. Sure, once you find the place, it’s probably quite noticeable; it’s just getting there that’s half the fun. (What good does it do to know that the destination is, say, a bright green house when there are no such houses remotely in sight, after all?)

Seriously, I’ve heard so many people give directions with this little catchphrase tacked on to the end that it’s ridiculous. And more often than not, directions given in such a manner lead me or my mother far from the intended destination. Indeed, a Google search shows that over five thousand people have used this cliché on their sites— a few of them pointing out the trite and often ironic nature of the phrase, but most of them simply using it earnestly.

Of course, I could rant on about my poor sense of direction, but that’s worth another rant altogether. And since a lack of time management skills goes along with it, I’ll probably never get around to it anyway…


IM addiction

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Go figure. I’m 61% addicted to Instant Messenger. And 25% severely addicted. I need to get out more, don’t I? (Now if only I had more friends in the “real” world…)

Illinios, Illinois, it’s all the same…

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As seen on Jay Leno’s Headlines last week: It’s bad enough to have your college basketball team’s name misspelled on its jerseys. But it’s even worse when nobody notices it until the sixth game of the season.


King’s Quest 6

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Heh. I went and re-loaded King’s Quest 6 on my computer, and after playing through it I realized how awesome that game was for its time (and still is today). Half the fun, of course, was in the game’s dialogue; check out a few choice screenshots from early in the game to see what I mean.

The other half was that it was one of the earliest full-featured multimedia games, with recorded dialogue and narration and lip-synched video sequences. Not bad at all for 1993, you’ve gotta admit…and it still runs with only minor glitches on my WinXP machine, to boot.

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