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AWA 10 photos!

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Still no trip report, but at least I’ve finally posted some pictures of my costume. First off are these that I took myself:

Standing outside the dealer’s room. The costume was a bit of a mess in this one; I only realized how much of a mess it was after the fact.
In the hotel room. Not too bad, considering I took it using the self-timer feature on my camera…

And here are two others, thanks to Sarah:

Sitting down outside the dealer’s room. This is probably the best-looking of the pictures.
In the hotel room.

Plus, three bonus pictures of random cosplayers that I happened to get pictures of:

Alucard from Hellsing. (As an aside, this just happened to be the 666th picture taken on my digital camera…)
Risky & Safety from, well, Risky Safety.
Two Tetris blocks! One of the most imaginative costumes, to be sure…


More Firefox fandom fun

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Via the blogs at SpreadFirefox: a collection of manga-style Firefox and Thunderbird mascots drawn by Japanese Mozilla fans.


The überect of linguistic creativity?

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WordGizmo looks like a rather fun waste of time for clever, lateral-thinking, creative types. Similar to the Fantasy Name Game I came up with a while back using RinkWorks’ Fantasy Name Generator, the point of WordGizmo is to try to come up with creative definitions for randomly generated nonsense words. Be sure to check out the dictionary of the best entries so far; some of them are quite amusing. (via Presurfer)


Burn, browser, burn

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Wow. It only took four days, not even half the expected time, for the preview release of Firefox 1.0 to reach a million downloads. This is just amazing.


Half a million downloads served…

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Well. It’s been only two days since the preview release of Firefox 1.0, yet according to, the new version’s already been downloaded 502,659 times. Yes, that’s right: over halfway to the goal of a million downloads, in a fifth of the estimated time. This looks very hopeful indeed!


Letting the fox out of the bag

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For the Mozilla/Netscape fans, the preview release of Firefox 1.0 is finally out! Get it now… there are quite a few really neat features that have been added, including a revamped bookmark manager, improved find-in-page functionality, some useful JavaScript security preferences, and an improved pop-up blocker that allows you to re-open blocked popups.

And with it, of course, comes Thunderbird 0.8, which can now handle not just e-mail but also RSS news feeds.


Mr. Malfunctions, on line 2…

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I don’t think I’ll ever be able to beat the spamonym I mentioned a few days ago, but this one comes close:

“Prominently G. Malfunctions”

Honestly, I’m not sure I’d want to buy medications from a Prominently Malfunctions. That just seems risky. 🙂

Edited 9:43 PM to add: The spam folder tonight contains still more absurd prescription drug ads, this time from “Waggles L. Grief” and– I kid you not– “Hippopotami C. Spitballs”. There’s just no way you can make these names up!


Really, I ought to just consolidate these into a single post…

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From the latest batch of spam; as usual, all of these oddly named ‘individuals’ are trying to sell me medication:

“Allyson Allison”
“Anglos I. Benevolently”
“Chasm C. Dehydrates”

And, what may be the Best Spamonym I’ve Ever Seen… this one even blows Blasts O. Booty out of the water:

“Paprika R. Vaginas”.

No, really; I’m not making that up. You can’t make this stuff up… sometimes spam is stranger than fiction. 🙂

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